VertueLab Climate Impact Fund

Tapping Philanthropic Capital to Reverse the Climate Crisis


REVERSING THE CLIMATE CRISIS WILL TAKE ALL OF US. The VertueLab Climate Impact Fund invests in early-stage, clean technology innovations aimed at solving the root causes of climate change and transitioning to a carbon-free economy. The fund is fueled by philanthropic capital from individuals and foundations that are driven to have an impact and believe in the power of innovation and entrepreneurship to move the needle. The fund is designed to fill the persistent investment gap between government grants and conventional investments that results in a choke point for innovative climate solutions.

The VertueLab Climate Impact Fund is managed by VertueLab and combines the impact orientation of a nonprofit with the financial strategies of venture capital. Investment capital is sourced from tax-deductible donations from individuals as well as grants from foundations. The fund can also accept catalytic investments from foundations.

Structured to Multiply Impact Over Time

The VertueLab Climate Impact Fund invests in promising innovations that have the potential to reverse the climate crisis. Once these innovations reach the marketplace and scale through customer adoption, their impact multiplies with every unit sold. Successful investments will return capital to the fund that can then be re-deployed to kickstart additional cleantech ventures. The powerful effect of impact that scales through commercial success and re-investment snowballs over time. Accelerating climate innovations can counteract the accelerating effects of climate disruption.

An Impact-Investing Vehicle Fueled by Philanthropy

As a nonprofit, VertueLab invests at the impact-first end of the impact-investing spectrum. We invest in early-stage cleantech startups to help them make the progress needed to gain investment from finance-first or finance-only investors at later stages.

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The fund selects and structures investments to meet the requirements for program-related investing (PRI) by a nonprofit entity. For foundations, the fund can serve as an outsourced catalytic fund with an exclusive focus on climate action. And at VertueLab, we are committed to careful measurement of the climate impact of our investments, so that funders can see a direct line between their dollars and real impact. (For more information, see the fund's FAQ page.)

More than a Decade of Experience

The VertueLab Climate Impact Fund builds on 11 years of experience that VertueLab has gained funding 50+ cleantech startups that have leveraged more than $120 million in follow-on funding. We have a strong pipeline of climate innovations that have the potential for scalable impact through their commercial success. We also have the processes in place to find, fund, and support the startups that are stepping up to the climate challenge.

Help us support the passionate and dedicated engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs risking their careers and livelihoods to reverse the climate crisis.

Contact Us!

For more information, reach out to Ken Vaughn, Director of Impact Investments at VertueLab, and read our frequently asked questions.