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We are a Climate Impact Accelerator

VertueLab merges clean technology innovation, entrepreneurship, and impact investing to accelerate cleantech climate solutions that have the potential to reverse the climate crisis.

We are the conduit between the entrepreneurs at promising cleantech startups and the visionary donors and investors who empower them through support and access to capital. 

For innovators - we deliver a unique suite of acceleration programs to help their companies grow and attract capital.
For funders - we amplify their philanthropic and economic development goals.
For impact investors - we are a conduit for direct investing for a combination of financial return and measurable impact.


Our Track Record


Impact Investing Moves Cleantech Innovation Forward

VertueLab makes direct impact investments in startup companies to solve environmental challenges, expand technology innovation, support entrepreneurship, and grow green-collar jobs. Impact investing in environmental innovators enables philanthropies, economic developers, family offices and individuals to align their capital and their giving with their values.

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Accelerating Cleantech Entrepreneurs 

 VertueLab offers a wide range of support and acceleration programs to startups - from mentorship and access to funders, to investor readiness, funding for prototypes, assistance obtaining R&D grants, university connections, and more - so those startups can go out and impact the world's greatest environmental and social challenges.

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10 Years of Experience


Since we began in 2007 as Oregon BEST, the VertueLab team has partnered with funders and innovators in clean technologies to make a global environmental impact. Through a series of focused programs and funding opportunities, we advance promising technologies to market while helping innovators - and investors - find the resources they need to move their vision forward.


“I would definitely recommend that other startups apply for a VertueLab investment.
The amount of wisdom, experience, and knowledge they bring to bear is tremendous.”

— Sce Pike, CEO of IOTAS

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