Thank you all for agreeing to participate and showcase your companies in the VertueLab Impact Summit! We are thrilled to have you representing your companies. This page includes the important information that you need to prepare for the event. If you have any questions, reach out to Vanessa Margolis (contact info below).

Your Presentation and Q&A

  • Each company will present for 6 minutes 

  • You can have powerpoint slides (see next section for requirements)

  • A panel of investors will ask questions of each company for 3-4 minutes after each presentation

  • NOTE: This is NOT a pitch for money.  It's a general overview of your company and what you are about, what problem you solve,  what you do and your progress to date. You can mention you are fundraising, but do NOT ask for money. SEC rules prohibit soliciting investment in instances like VIS when the audience is not limited to just investors (even though investor will be in the room, they aren’t the full audience).

Powerpoint instructions

  • For your slide presentation, please create them in powerpoint in a widescreen view

  • Please email your final powerpoint deck to by end of day, Friday, Sept 6th

Preparing for your Presentation

Your exhibit table

  • Each company will have a 6 foot exhibit table for promotional material (except for Anna/Stark Street Materials who will have a cocktail table as part of the Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator)

  • We recommend planning to be present at your booth during all networking breaks in the agenda. 

  • The most engaging exhibits include not only print collateral but something interactive - either a physical product sample/prototype or (for companies with software products) a computer screen to show how the solution works.

Your one-pager for the event booklet

  • Each conference attendee will receive a robust booklet with information on the conference. That booklet features each company in two places:

  • We must have your one pager by August 30th. Please send that (either a high-resolution image file or a high-quality PDF file) to and

  • Some of you may already have a 1 pager that can be exported from Gust or Proseeder, or that you have prepared for other audiences. Feel free to send that.

  • If you need to prepare one, we recommend including the following information at a minimum:

    • One line pitch

    • Industry

    • Management description

    • Customer Problem being solved

    • Business Model

    • Customers (if you have)

    • Market Opportunity

    • Competitors

    • URL

    • Employee count

    • Founded date

    • Contact information

VIP evening reception:

Thursday, Sept 12th

  • The reception takes place from 6-8 pm

  • It will be at Stoel Rives, 760 SW Ninth Ave., Suite 3000, Portland, OR 97205

  • You will also be receiving an eventbrite invitation with the information

Day of Event:

Friday, Sept 13th

  • The event will take place at the Leftbank Annex, 101 N Weidler St, Portland

  • Please arrive between 9:30am and 11:00 am to get registered and set up your exhibit (If you are participating in EcoCapital connections we will make sure your investor meeting schedule gives you an opening for this).  

  • There will be a run through from 10:30-11 am. (If you are participating in EcoCapital connections we will make sure your investor meeting schedule gives you an opening for this).  

  • The Summit runs from 12-6:30 pm. The agenda can be found here.