USDA Phase 1 RFA Released

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The USDA SBIR Phase 1 RFA was released on 7/24. It covers awards for both FY 2020 and 2021. Proposals for 2020 funding are due on October 23rd. It's not entirely clear in the RFA when the open window for 2021 is. See attached or go to . Monitor also.

Very little else has changed from previous years. For those of you new to USDA SBIR, a USDA Phase 1 is for $100,000 and generally 8 months. The narrative limit is 17 pages and must include a fairly in-depth Commercialization Plan which is nearly identical to NSF's requirement. You can watch the VertueLab video's on preparing a commercialization plan here: You will be asked to sign up for the Teachable app which we use to deliver the content. This is a beta product so we ask that you provide feedback.

As always, VertueLab and myself would be glad to provide whatever you need to prepare a proposal.