Ensuring Impact at Scale


We Measure What Matters

At VertueLab, we use impact metrics, models, and measurement to guide our priorities and resource deployment. We use measured outcomes to adjust our processes and priorities, and we empower our companies to do the same.

VertueLab has been dedicated to the empowerment of rising clean technology companies since our beginnings in 2007, when we operated as Oregon BEST. Our focused programs are designed to level the socioeconomic playing field to help the brightest minds in the cleantech industry amplify their environmental impact and build a sustainable future for everyone.


Impact Themes

Our investments and programs for cleantech innovators are targeted at CONTRIBUTING TO CLIMATE CHANGE REVERSAL. 

The way we support cleantech innovators accelerates positive socioeconomic outcomes THROUGH:

  • Diversity Lens Investing

  • Green Jobs & Economic Growth



Theory of Change

how we expect our actions to result in our intended impact:


1. If we invest in and support early stage cleantech companies offering products/processes that have potential for impact...


2. Those companies will be more likely to successfully reach the market...


3. Customers will purchase and deploy the cleantech products/ processes,
    supporting jobs and the regional economy...


4. The deployed products/ processes will result in fewer emissions, cleaner water and air, and        preserved habitat, and...


5. The cleaner environment will provide for a stable global climate
 and healthy life on earth.


Our Track Record

VL Impact Stats Graphic 2019-10-08.png


Fostering Inclusiveness

We need all hands on deck to solve global challenges. VertueLab welcomes innovators with solutions to join us in this work and our goal is to develop a portfolio that reflects a diverse population.  We strive to foster a culture of inclusiveness in our growing community of innovators, funders, investors, corporations, and resource providers.

While the VertueLab diversity ratio in our current portfolio below is above average, we realize we still have a long way to go.


Founder Diversity

Impact Measurement

To learn more about impact measurement and management, we recommend the following resources:


“VertueLab’s support is pushing us forward faster than
we would have been able to move on our own.”

— Jason Wright, CEO of NW Renewable Energy Corp.