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Delta Travel Voucher Request Policy - Voucher request form should be completed after selecting and getting a price for your preferred Delta Itinerary. Instructions on applying the vouchers to your flight can be found here.

Personnel, Payroll & Benefits

Payroll Form – All salaried employee must complete this form 7 calendar days before pay day if there are any changes to your payroll amounts. All hourly employees must complete the form by the last day of the month.

Tax Beneficial Commuter Benefit Policy

Time Reporting – Using SpringAhead, all salaried employees must complete time reports by the 5th calendar day of the month for hours worked on projects for the prior month. Hourly employees must complete time reporting for hours worked by the last day of the calendar month for hours worked for the CURRENT month. The last day of the month must be filled out or any random project must be selected and 0 hours inputted. This is to indicate completeness for the processor.

PTO/Vacation & Sick Time Disclosure Policy 

Employee Handbook



Expense Report Policy – Submission due on the 10th of every month for the prior month expenses. Approvals due by 15th (5 days after submission due date). Disbursements will be issued on the 15th and take 2-3 business days for it to be received by your financial institution.

Check Request Form – All invoices you receive to pay vendors must be submitted through the check request form. Approvers will be notified (unless opted out) when a new request is submitted. Operations Manager will inquire on stale requests (requests without approval for 7 days) to the approver. Checks will be issued on the 1st and 15th of the month. Email issuer after submitting a check request for faster processing if needed.

Mileage Policy – Mileage Report Template

Use of Corporate Card – The corporate card is designed for recurring subscriptions for VertueLab. Employees generally will not be allowed to make purchases on this card. You should use the check request form for purchases or if you need to pay online, follow the reimbursement policy. Special requests to use the corporate card must be made to the card holder and the receipt must be sent to with the description of why you needed to use the corporate card along with all the other information required to complete a check request.



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