Impact Investing Leaves a Lasting Mark on the World


Direct Investing Delivers
Measurable Impact

Most innovations that drive environmental and social impact require capital investment to get from lab-to-market. Private investors typically hesitate to fund hardware-oriented environmental technologies until they have reached significant development milestones. This creates a “capital gap” that VertueLab seeks to fill.

VertueLab doesn’t shy away from these technologies—we discover them, embrace them and offer complete support. By fueling the early stages of product development, we accelerate these technologies. They advance to a point where they are ready for investment by conventional investors.

To propel their growth, we collaborate with mission-driven funders, investors, and economic developers to make direct impact investments in companies selected for their high potential for both commercial success and a measurable positive impact on our communities and our planet.

Impact investing takes many forms:

  • Economic developers deploy capital to grow jobs and the economy.
  • Corporations make investments to further their business strategies and expand their community involvement.
  • Foundations make program-related-investments and mission-related-investments to amplify their philanthropic goals.
  • Individuals and families use impact investments as an alternative to charitable giving and to align their investing with their values.

At VertueLab, we partner with all of these sources of capital to make direct investments in the innovative companies that drive cleantech innovation. We also measure the real-world impact these innovations have so funders and investors can see a direct line between their dollars and their impact.

Empowering Innovators 

VertueLab funds innovative companies that can deliver financial return alongside environmental and social impact. We seek to fund researchers, inventors, and entrepreneurs who are developing proprietary products with potential for scalable commercial success and whose product can have positive impact in these areas:

Environmental Impacts - Climate change reversal, clean air and water, circular economy—and sustainable agriculture in the face of rising populations, dwindling natural resources, and unsustainable practices.

Social Impacts - Inclusive entreprenership, quality rural and urban jobs and quality of life. 

In addition to our own impact investments, VertueLab can assist innovators in identifying and accessing other sources of capital from our broad network of angel investors, venture capital firms, and other impact investors

“Our VertueLab investment of $210,000 has enabled us to attract other investors.
We raised an additional $400,000 in 30 days.”

— Eric Steinmeyer, CEO of Focal Technologies

VertueLab is a Direct Conduit between Conscious Capital and Innovators

The VertueLab team works with institutional investors, foundations, family offices, economic developers and individuals deploy their philanthropic and investment capital for direct impact. We find, select, and support the companies that can deliver triple-bottom-line performance. We tap into our many years of experience in program-related-investing to create an innovative capital strategy that is tailored for investing in early stage environmental technology. We offer access to a range of giving and investing opportunities including a Donor Advised Fund, program-related investing structures, and a market rate venture capital fund. 


Our Impact Investing Vehicles:

VertueLab Managed Funds:

  • VertueLab PRI Fund I - this fund is fully invested in 26 startup companies.

  • VertueLab Impact Fund - this fund is in formation. VertueLab is building a pipeline of startup companies seeking impact capital investments.

          Impact-oriented Capital Available from our Network:

  • America’s Seed Fund - VertueLab provides grant writing and consulting to promising companies seeking SBIR/STTR R&D grants from America’s Seed Fund.

  • Oregon Innovation Fund - The Oregon Innovation Fund provides early stage investing to companies located in Oregon that are developing science and technology innovations 

  • Cleantech Venture Funds - VertueLab collaborates with E8 Angels and the E8 Fund and also with other national venture funds that focus on cleantech VC investments. 

  • Other Venture Funds and Investments - VertueLab maintains relationships with a wide range of local investment groups and we are happy to introduce qualified startups to other investors.

"When evaluating any cleantech company, we always look for
the VertueLab seal of approval, which lends a great deal of credibility."

  - Jim Huston, Managing Director, Portland Seed Fund