Learn more about SBIR/STTR funding from the Federal Government by viewing these videos. They are short (under 30 minutes for the entire set) and will provide you with a good overview of the programs. If it looks like a fit, and you’d like to apply for Vertuelab SBIR/STTR assistance programs, then after viewing the videos, please complete the form at the bottom of this page to apply for Vertuelab SBIR/STTR assistance.

What is SBIR/STTR?

Is Your Company a Fit for SBIR/STTR?

SBIR/STTR Compared to Investor Funding

What is a Principal Investigator


How Long does it Take?

How much funding is available - How can it be used?

Which government agencies participate?

What stage of startup qualifies?

Why SBIR/STTR might NOT be a fit

After viewing the above videos, if you think SBIR/STTR funding might be a fit for your company, please complete this form to apply for Vertuelab assistance in developing an SBIR/STTR application.

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